Things Are Gonna Get Better Today

Get inspired by Katrina Richards' latest single, "Bye Bye Yesterday"

Don't dwell on your mistakes from the past/ Your sins are forgiven/ The trials, they won't last. - "Bye Bye Yesterday"

When we're hurting, many of us turn to music for encouragement. Inspired by the powerful lyrics and uplifting melodies of gospel, Katrina Richards is a Tuscaloosa, AL-based gospel artist who creates joyful music that is sure to improve your mood.

Katrina was raised on old-school gospel, eventually...

Teaching herself to play "Order My Steps" on the piano
Performing on the same stage as Kirk Franklin while still in High School
Writing her first song, called "Trying to Make Heaven My Home"
Recording and producing her first copyrighted song, called "Bye Bye Yesterday"

Katrina also writes lullabies, children's music and jingles. She accepts commissions, so reach out if you want her to write a song for your business or a loved one.

Raising others up since childhood

Katrina discovered her passion for music at an early age. She started singing gospel music at her childhood Presbyterian church, then joined the Southwest High School gospel choir after moving to Fort Worth, TX. One of her classmates shared her dreams of making music, eventually forming Flow Records.

Katrina's career took off after high school. Highlights include:

Performing on stage with Kirk Franklin

Mastering the piano through private tutoring and attending Shelton State University

Singing with Brother Hiton and the Proverbs, a traveling quartet, for five years

She soon returned to her roots, joining the choir at Hightown Church of God in Northport, AL.

Hear Katrina Richards perform live

From small stages to large music festivals, Katrina has performed at all kinds of venues. Visit the Events page now to find out where she'll be singing next.